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ARES Video

A particularly popular feature of shooting cinemas is the possibility to use video films and pictures as targets. This is especially important for people who not only practice shooting as a recreational sport, but for whom the safe and efficient control of firearms is of particular relevance. For example, hunters can practise handling their weapons in realistic scenarios. For them, it is not only a matter of hitting a moving target as accurately as possible, but also of deciding quickly on the basis of the situation whether a shot should be fired at all. ARES Video has been developed with this in mind and offers many functions and supports most common video and image formats.

ARES Video

The main ARES project programme also included a video function, but this had some limitations. ARES Video has been developed specifically for this type of training and has many additional features in addition to being easier to use.

ARES Video can display videos and pictures as targets. In addition, slide shows can be created in which pictures follow each other in adjustable time intervals. The flight time of the projectiles can also be simulated. For this purpose, the muzzle velocity of the weapon and the distance to the target are specified, from which the programme calculates the flight time. There is a comfortable weapon administration where you can store the settings for different weapons, which enables a quick change. Besides the muzzle velocity, an individual offset can be set for each weapon. It is possible to store the distances of the targets for a video in a text file, so that they are automatically set when the video is called up.

The set-up of the system is fully automatic. The camera only has to be pointed at the screen and the automatic calibration process started.

ARES Video Weapons

For professional users, there is the trainer mode, which allows you to control the simulation on a second monitor, while the videos themselves are played on the main monitor.The trainer mode is only available in the licensed version, which also offers several other advantages.

ARES Video Weapons

Advantages of the Licensed Version:
The programme and a PDF manual can be downloaded from thedownload area download area.

The playback of slideshows is also a function of ARES Video.

Due to the great demand, there is now also a possibility to play suitablehunting videos to purchase. In addition, two videos are also made available free of charge.

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