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ARES Realworld

ARES Video offers the possibility to use self-created "intelligent" slide shows for laser shooting training. Not only can different images be displayed in these, but the transition between these images can also be defined in many ways and even designed interactively. This means that the slideshows can react to the shots.

SlideshowEditor SlideshowEditor

The shows are written in a simple script language, which does not require any programming knowledge, but also offers the possibility for complex sequences. To facilitate the creation of the slideshows, there is also an editor that, among other things, makes it possible to play the slideshows step by step. In addition, it offers colour highlighting of keywords and displays error messages during execution if necessary.The editor is included in the ARES Video Download.


To play any individual slideshows, you need a licence for ARES Video is required. However, there are also a few free slideshows that can be played with the free version. However, these cannot be changed, and after a change they only work in combination with a licence.

The programme and a PDF manual can be downloaded from the download area download area.

A selection of slideshows can be downloaded from the Resources.

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