Here in the shop you can buy the hardware for your own shooting cinema. However, this is not a classic online shop, which automates the entire checkout process, but a simple Form with which a message can be sent. I will then send an invoice with payment information to the specified email address. You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. The dispatch takes place directly after money entrance.

Laserpistole Verpackung Laserpistole Verpackung

ARES laser pistol (95 €)

user manual (2 pages, 0,2 MB)


AERS laser attachment (60 €)

laser attachment for mounting on a 21 or 11 mm rail. In combination with a buffer cartridge, each compatible weapon can be used as a laser training weapon. The module detects the impact on the buffer cartridge. and sends a short laser pulse.
user manual (2 pages, 0,6 MB)


filter attachment 26 mm (10 €)


ARES laser controller (10 €)

For building an laser pistol. With every laser controller comes a small pice of colour filter foil.

user manual (4 Seiten, 0,4 MB)


ARES conversion kit (20 €)

Besides a laser controller this kit includes all parts neccessary to convert an airsoft to a laser pistol. The laser module has a diameter of 6 mm and therefore fits in the barrel of typical airsoft guns. It is optimized to work with two AAA-batteries.

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