Here in the shop you can buy the hardware for your own shooting cinema. However, this is not a classic online shop, which automates the entire checkout process, but a simple Form with which a message can be sent. I will then send an invoice with payment information to the specified email address. You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. The dispatch takes place directly after money entrance.

ARES laser pistol (100 €)

user manual (2 pages, 0,2 MB)

USB-camera with color filter(80 €)

ARESKamera A camera that optimally meets requirements of ARES, together with a convenient to use color filter. The long cable and mounting bracket make it ideal for permanent installation. However, it can also be screwed onto a small board, which means that it remains mobile and yet has a base that is much more stable than that of conventional USB cameras.

¹The full frame rate is only used by ProjektARES version 1.92. Older versions used a maximum of 30 frames/second.
²The distance to the screen should be at least 0.9 times the image width. So if the screen is 2 meters wide, the camera must be at least 1.8 meters away.
³The interchangeable lens has the S-mount standard, so many cheap alternatives with other angles of view are available. In most cases the angle of view angle should fit well, but if the camera can only be positioned very close to or very far away from the screen this is possible by choosing of a different lens.
4The lens can be exchanged for one without a infrared filter. The infrared filter can also be removed(note, warranty is void in the case). For details, see Hardware.
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ARES laser cartridge cal. 12 (75 €)

The hardware of the laser attachment in a 12 caliber shotgun cartridge. The cartridge is inserted into a shotgun of the appropriate caliber, which can then be used for laser training. As the recognition is done acoustically, one cartridge is sufficient even for multi-barrelled shotguns, as it can detect the firing pin hitting off off in adjacent chambers.

user manual (2 pages, 0,6 MB)

Mounting kit for laser cartridge(20€)

With this mounting kit, the laser cartridge can be attached to a Picatinny mounting rail, which is available on many weapons. Thus, it can also be used outside of a shotgun for laser training. The acoustic triggering threshold of the laser patrrone must then be set so that it reacts to the triggering sound of the corresponding weapon. Softair and alarm pistols¹ that are used without ammunition come into question. But real weapons in combination with a buffer cartridge are also possible.
Since it is not possible to emit a continuous laser beam, it is not a target illumination device.
The mounting kit also includes an alternative cap with an integrated switch. If you use this, you can simply disconnect the laser cartridge and no longer have to remove the batteries after use².
¹AEG and spring-loaded softairs are well suited. Weapons that generate a strong recoil, such as CO2-powered blow-back softairs, cause a blurring of the laser dot due to the recoil and are therefore not recommended, at least for precision training.
²When not in use for an extended period of time, you should still remove the batteries to prevent them from leaking and damaging the laser cartridge.

15 mm launcher adapter(15€)

Abschussbecheradapter With this adapter, the laser cartridge can be inserted into a 15 mm launcher cup of a scare pistol. A strong magnet ensures a secure hold. When the trigger is pulled, the click triggers the cartridge. Since cartridge is in line with the barrel and thus close to the sights, parallax errors are reduced and the hand feel of the gun is the hand feel of the gun is least affected.

In any case, make sure that the gun is not loaded!

filter attachment 26 mm (10 €)


ARES laser controller (10 €)

For building an laser pistol. With every laser controller comes a small pice of colour filter foil.

user manual (4 Seiten, 0,4 MB)

ARES conversion kit (20 €)

Besides a laser controller this kit includes all parts neccessary to convert an airsoft to a laser pistol. The laser module has a diameter of 6 mm and therefore fits in the barrel of typical airsoft guns. It is optimized to work with two AAA-batteries.

Can-Lasertarget (60 €)

For those who want to play and practice without a computer, this electronic laser target is available in an original tin can.

user manual (2 pages, 0,2 MB)

ARES licence for non private use

If you want to use ARES in your shooting club or run a commercial shooting gallery you require a corresponding licence.

ProjektARES non-profit licence 250 €
Licence for non commercial use in a not domestic area, e .g. the premises of a shooting club.

ProjektARES commercial license 400 € licence for running a commercial shooting gallery.

If you want to purchase a license, write an email or use the order form for an inquiry. We will then find the appropriate license for your needs. Discounts for multiple licenses are possible. The same applies if the license is not needed permanently, but only for one or a few occasions. When purchasing a license, an individual branding, e.g. with your logo, is possible. The prices for it depend on the respective expenditure.

ARES Realworld licence (40€)

With a license the limitations of the free version of ARES Realworld are lifted.
After purchase you will receive an individual file by email, which is simply copied into the folder of ARES Realworld to unlock the full functionality.

1in principle, up to 4 cameras are supported, but most computers will only be able to evaluate 2 to 3 USB cameras simultaneously, because the bandwidth of USB is limited.

ARES Video licence (60€)

ARES Video
With a license the limitations of the free version of ARES Video are lifted.
After purchase you will receive an individual file by email, which is simply copied into the folder of ARES Video to unlock the full functionality.

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