Frequently asked questions

Are there problems with ARES under Windows 10?

ARES runs also under Windows 10 but it needs DirectX 9 wich is not included in Windows 10 anymore. However DirectX 9 can be downloaded and installed manually. Without DirectX 9 crashes or display errors may occur.
downloadlink DirectX 9

Which projector and which camera should I use?

We have already tested ARES with several projectors and cameras and it has always worked well. It is recommended to look for a camera with a high frame rate. This is more important than a high resolution.

How can I build a laser pistol, which laser should I use?

This is explained in detail in our hardware chapter and in the instructions for our laser controller.

The laser is not being detected properly, what can I do?

On the one hand the help boxes, which are accessible in the individual calibration steps, should be observed. On the other hand it can be helpful to show the camera picture first in another program first (for example AmCap) and to adjust all parameters. With AmCap you can change all camera driver settings while the camera image is shown at the same time. In general, ARES can detect the laser points if you see them clearly on the camera image and if they are brighter than the rest of the picture. Here are some general tips: In addition, you can see in the camera picture whether there are some unwanted reflections so that two laser points can be seen instead of one.

Can I also play ARES on my TV or computer screen?

Yes and No. In principle, this is possible and we often do this in order to test new functions quickly without having to set up projector and projection screen. The problem is that on the glass of a flat screen the laser cannot be seen as well as on a projection screen. This effect is especially strong if the laser light meets the glass at an angle. Then it is reflected off and does not meet the camera anymore. Therefore, the monitor should be a fair distance away so that the laser meets the monitor more or less at a right angle even in the corners of the picture. Furthermore, any extraneous light which could meet the monitor should be eliminated. The reflection of a light bulb on the glass of the monitor can create a considerably brighter light point than the laser.

I have an idea for a game which would suit Projekt ARES very well

In principle, ideas are welcome and can be integrated into ARES. If we like an idea, perhaps we will put it into practice. If there is demand for an individual game which we would not add to ARES, we could perhaps come to a financial agreement. Then we would develop the game under contract and add it to ARES. This is how the video game shooting was added to ARES, for example. People who want to develop a game themselves can use the mouse simulator in order to use ARES to run their own projects.

Will the ARES source code be published?

ARES is free, but not open sourced and that will remain so for the time being. There are several shooting gallery games on the market, some of them for several 100 euros. Projekt ARES is the only one known to us which is fully developed and completely free of charge. However, we want to keep the source code to ourselves – we also want to prevent other people from using it for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, anyone can write his or her own software and use the technology behind ARES to operate it by using the integrated mouse simulator.

I want to support ARES financially

We are very pleased about this. This is possible by making a donation or buying laser controllers. Just write a message to our contact address.

What does the name ARES mean?

Ares is the Greek god of war. For Projekt ARES it is also an acronym for “A Real Ego-Shooter”.

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